Norwegian storyteller Tiril Bryn

Norwegian storyteller Tiril  Bryn will have an online visit to Estonia and be one of the mentors for youth hackathon "Narva: elu ja mälu" (Narva: Life and Memories) on November 27th and 28th.

Tiril Bryn is a Norwegian storyteller who focuses on cultural heritage and on creating new stories and visions for the future. She creates performances in nature with a combination of storytelling, music, science, as well as creating new stories together with the audience.

Tiril creates storytelling performances with interdisciplinary collaboration, dance, music, indigenous knowledge or philosophy and holds storytelling workshops. The performances are showcased at festivals, cultural centers, libraries, on outdoor stages and as part of The Cultural Schoolbag.

She has storytelling education from Oslo Metropolitan University, and she is a Candidate of Philology from University of Oslo where she researched Japanese and Norwegian fairy tales.

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