Nordic-Baltic Energy conference 2017

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How shall Nordic and Baltic countries respond to EU Energy Union new proposals?

Europe needs secure, affordable and climate-friendly energy supply. At the time when EU is negotiating four important legislative pieces for the energy future of the Europe, the Nordic Council of Ministers is convening a high-level conference in May 3-4 in Tallinn, Nordic Hotel Forum to discuss the EU Energy Union policy implications for the Nordic and Baltic countries.

What is at stake now?

The relevant topics negotiated with member states and discussed at the conference in Tallinn will be modifications in renewable directive, amendments in energy efficiency directive, governance towards 2030 (streamlining of planning and reporting) and a new proposal on electricity market design.

The objective of this Nordic-Baltic energy conference is to contribute to better cooperation across borders on relevant EU Energy Union issues for policy makers and experts in the EU/EEA area. As well as improve the understanding of various key legislative proposals under the Energy Union process.

Clean energies attracted global investment of over 300 billion euros in 2015. By mobilising up to 177 billion euros of public and private investment per year from 2021, these new proposals can generate up to a 1% increase in GDP over the next decade and create 900,000 new jobs. How could this vision be implemented?
All the respective Nordic and Baltic ministries will share their views on the challenges ahead, speakers from EU Commission, International Energy Agency, international think tanks and industry will provide their insights.

Conference is part of Norwegian chairmanship for the Nordic co-operation and also touches upon the issues in the Estonian EU presidency programme.

We are looking forward to civil servants, consumer interest groups, entrepreneurs, and experts.

Conference language: English 

No conference fee. 

Registration to the conference has ended. 

The conference will be streamed online at Delfi Ärileht.

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