Nordic-Baltic Migration Conference 2018. Changes in Migration Policies and Integration of New Arrivals to Labour Market

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The sixth Nordic-Baltic migration conference in Tallinn focuses on the new challenges of migration policies, including issues concerning integration to labour market, tackling illegal employment of third-country nationals, well-being and managing cultural diversity in the migratory era. The conference takes place March 22, 2018 in Kumu Art Museum, Tallinn. Speakers from both the Nordics and Estonia will shed light on the issue from different angles.  

Professor Raul Eamets from the University of Tartu will talk about defining smart migration policies in the keynote speech of the conference. Professor Olof Åslund from Uppsala University, the Director-General at the Swedish Institute for Evaluation of Labour Market and Education Policy will talk about the Swedish experiences on labour market entry of non-labour migrants in the second keynote speech. The conferense will end with a discussion on possible changes of migration policies in Estonia, attended among others by members of Riigikogu Maris Lauri and Helir-Valdor Seeder, the Minister of Economic Affairs and Infrastructure Kadri Simson and the Minister of the Interior Andres Anvelt.

The first session will focus on the changes in the migration policies in the Nordic-Baltic region. Ruth Annus (Ministry of the Interior of Estonia, Head of Citizenship and Migration Policy Department) will give an overview of developments in the Estonian migration policy. Matti Sarvimäki, Associate Research Professor at the VATT Institute for Economic Research in Finland, will speak about integration of immigrants into the Finnish labor market. Professor of the University of Tartu, Martin Ehala focuses on managing cultural diversity in the migratory era.

Tackling illegal employment of third-country nationals is the core topic of the second session. Silver Stõun from the European Migration Network will give a presentation on illegal employment of third-country nationals in the European Union and the Nordic-Baltic Region. The following panel discussion will focus on how to counter illegal employment in the future. Participating panelists are: Christiane Kuptsch (Senior Specialist in Migration Policy, Labour Migration Branch, ILO) and Jonathan Chaloff (senior migration policy specialist, International Migration Division, Directorate for Employment, Labour and Social Affairs, OECD). The panel is moderated by Ave Lauren, European Migration Network.

Third session of the conference is tackling the issue of integration into the labor market and indicators of integration. Hjördís Rut Sigurjónsdóttir from Nordregio introduces policies and measures for speeding up labour market integration of refugees in the Nordic Region. Piret Hartman, (Estonian Ministry of Culture, Undersecretary for Cultural Diversity) gives an overview of the challenges facing the Estonian integration policy. How to measure the effectiveness of integration and what are the indicators of integration? These are the topics that Henrik Emilsson from Malmö University Institute for Studies of Migration, Diversity and Welfare will speak about.

The conference will be held in cooperation with the University of Tartu, Swedish Embassy, the Migration Institute of Finland, Malmö Institute for Studies of Migration, Diversity and Welfare, Nordregio, European Migration Network, Ministry of the Interior, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications, Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Registration for the conference is open until 15 March or until all places are taken.

Register here:

Conference programme.

The conference will be streamed online at Postimees.

View photos taken at the conference.

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