Migration conference 2019: speakers


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Time: 29 March 2019 at 09.30 - 18.00
Location: KUMU (Weizenbergi 34/ Valge 1, Tallinn)


tuomas martikainen 720x540

Tuomas Martikainen

Director of the Migration Institute of Finland

theda minthe

Theda Minthe

Head of Science City Hannover, City of Hannover, Lord Mayors’s Office, Germany

irma garam 720x540 l

Irma Garam

Senior Adviser, Finnish National Agency for Education. Information and Analysis

bryntesson L

André Bryntesson

Research Assistant, Uppsala University

Eero Loonurm 720x540 l

Eero Loonurm

Head of International Marketing, Archimedes Foundation

mari taverne 720x540

Mari Taverne

Head of Talent Attraction and Migration, City of Tampere, Finland

aune valk 720x540 l

Aune Valk

Vice Rector for Academic Affairs, University of Tartu

laura kirss 720x540 l

Laura Kirss

Research Fellow in Educational Sciences, University of Tartu, Centre for Teacher Education and Higher Education, RITA project

tiit tammaru

Tiit Tammaru

Professor of the University of Tartu, Academician

piret hartman

Piret Hartman

Estonian Ministry of Culture, Undersecretary for Cultural Diversity

Margus Pedaste 720x540

Margus Pedaste

Professor of the University of Tartu, Head of the Pedagogicum and Centre for Educational Technology

christer haglund 720x540

Christer Haglund

Director of the Nordic Council of Ministers Office in Estonia

norma rose 720x540

Norma Rose

Consultant, European Migration Network Service Provider (ICF)

katri kuuse 720x540

Katri Kuuse

Head of Human Resources at Ericsson in Baltics

birgit lüüs 720x540

Birgit Lüüs

Ministry of the Interior of Estonia, Citizenship and Migration Policy Department, Deputy Head of Department

marion pajumets 720x540

Marion Pajumets

Estonian Contact Point of the European Migration Network, Tallinn University

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