Migration conference: From emergency reception to integration at local level, best practices in the Nordic and Baltic countries

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Date: 27 May 2022
Time: 11:00 - 16:00
Venue: Estonian National Museum ERM (Muuseumi tee 2, Tartu, Estonia) and online (link to be added)
Language: English

Conference arranged in the framework of the Nordic-Baltic project 2021-2023 FOR-IN “Fostering refugee and immigrant integration at the local level by creating country-specific intersectional cooperation models and regional networks of practitioners"

 Moderator: Raul Eamets, Professor of the University of Tartu, Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences

  • Friday, May 27th


    Arrival, registration, and coffee



    Opening remarks


    • Urmas Klaas, Mayor of Tartu
    • Tiit Terik, Minister of Culture of Estonia
    • Christer Haglund, Director of the Nordic Council of Ministers’ Office in Estonia

    Keynote: Where do refugees live and work in Sweden, how has it changed in time (trajectories of spatial assimilation)


    • Tiit Tammaru, Professor of Urban and Population Geography at the University of Tartu, Member of the Estonian Academy of Sciences

    Keynote: How do we ensure the best possible health and welfare for Ukrainian refugee children and young people seeking a safe place in the Nordic countries?


    • Christopher Jamil de Montgomery, Assistant Professor, Department of Public Health, University of Copenhagen. Danish Research Centre for Migration, Ethnicity and Health. NordForsk Project: Coming of Age in Exile (CAGE)

    Questions and Discussion



    I Panel: Engagement of grassroots societies in emergency reception and integration work


    • Ave Härsing, Head of Cultural Diversity Activities, Integration Foundation, Estonia
    • Mads Ted Drud-Jensen, Senior Adviser of the Integration department at the Danish Refugee Council of Integration
    • Ausra Raulusonytė, Arts Agency "Artscape"
    • Jonna Mannberg, Head of the board, Refugees Welcome Stockholm
    • Anna Buzaeva, Expert, reception of asylum seekers, Finnish Red Cross
    • Ieva Raubiško, Senior Researcher, centre for public policy Providus, Latvia

    Moderator: Karolis Zibas, Integration Officer, UNHCR Representation for the Nordic and Baltic Countries


    Questions & Discussion



    Coffee Break



    II Panel: Transition from emergency reception to long-term integration: local level practices in the Nordic and Baltic countries


    • Janika Hango, CEO of Tartu Welcome Centre, Estonia
    • Valentina Demidenko, Director of Center for Social Services in Jonava District, Lecturer at Kaunas University of Applied Sciences; Psychologist of the Red Cross, Lithuania
    • Ilze Meilande, Head of Society Integration and Participation Division; Neighbourhood Development, Society Integration and Customer Service Department; Riga City Neighbourhood Residence Centre, Latvia
    • Lisbeth Iversen, Leader of the network „With a Heart For Arendal“, Arendal, Oslo School of Architecture and design, Norway (on-line)
    • Nichole Leigh Mosty, Director of the Multicultural Information Centre, Iceland (on-line)

    Moderator: Karolis Zibas, Integration Officer, UNHCR Representation for the Nordic and Baltic Countries


    Questions & Discussion



    Concluding remarks


    • Piret Hartman, Undersecretary for Cultural Diversity, Ministry of Culture of Estonia

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