A Baltic Sea region that values knowledge and skills

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The aim of the Nordic countries and Baltic States is to shape a region around the Baltic Sea in which knowledge and experience move without hindrance across borders. The region must become a place that is attractive to the whole world.

We can justifiably feel proud of our schools, universities, centres of research and institutions of vocational education. They all pave the way for innovative enterprise, the creative economy and a sustainable economy – or in other words, welfare for all. 'We' here means Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

Education, research and lifelong learning are a vital platform for growth and development. In the light of globalisation, education and research must become more international and competition in the name of talent and successful innovation must be boosted.

The Baltic Sea region needs the best-trained and most flexible workforce possible. Our countries must endeavour to set policies that encourage young people to acquire tertiary education and that offer them opportunities to continue to learn and develop throughout their lives. Cooperation in the field of education begins with the setting of shared objectives, which in turns leads to the promotion of skills and to ensuring quality and equal opportunities.

Find out more about cooperation between the Nordic countries in the fields of education, research and innovation.


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