Equal opportunities and shared obligations

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Gender equality is one of the foundations of social longevity. This means that authority and influence are equally divided between men and women (and boys and girls) and that men and women (and boys and girls) have the same rights, obligations and opportunities in all areas of society and at every stage of life. For society to be equal, there must be no gender-based violence or any other similar form of discrimination. The active involvement of men and boys in activities related to gender equality is one of the conditions for achieving a truly equal and diverse society.

Key issues the Nordic-Baltic co-operation works on in this area are:

  • equality on the labour market;
  • gender equality training;
  • gender equality/equal treatment in public places and the media; and
  • zero tolerance for gender-based violence.

Framework for the co-operation can be found in the report ´Nordic Co-Operation Programme on Gender Equality 2019-2022´.


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