#naistEST: photo exhibition “Pioneering Feminist Foreign Policy. Women in Swedish diplomacy from 1632 till today”

Feministliku välispoliitika teerajajad foto AFP Photo Gwenn Duburthoumieu veebi


Men have dominated Swedish foreign policy and foreign service for centuries. Sweden appointed its first female ambassador back in the 17th century, but equal conditions only started applying to women in the 21st century.

Sweden started implementing feminist foreign policy in 2014 and its goal was to stand up for women’s rights, increase the share of women in international communication and improve the political and economic resources of women. The word “feminist” is not as highly charged in Sweden as in most other countries and it primarily means that women and men should have the same opportunities for shaping the society and their own lives. This exhibition illustrates the development of Sweden by focusing on some women who have been pioneers and role models, each in her own way.

“Pioneering Feminist Foreign Policy” is one of the three exhibitions opened at the Museum of Occupations within the scope of the series events dedicated to women’s rights month #NaistEST. It is also possible to take a look at the exhibition dedicated to one of the first Estonian feminists Marie Reisik and the French “Cherchez la femme”.

The exhibition will open at 17:00 on 8 March at the Museum of Occupations. The exhibition will remain open until April 30.