Diversity – A Tool for Sustainable Success

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Aeg: August 9th, 13.30-14.45
Keel: English, sign language
Koht: Paide, Future economy area

Discussion is about the benefits of diversity for different types of organisations.

Diverse workforce brings along open-mindedness and helps to grasp all potential business opportunities. It is fruitful on both management level as well as in the overall workforce. Several researches have proven that companies with more women in management positions are more profitable (IMF 2016). Research also indicates companies with more diverse workforces perform better financially (McKinsey & Company, 2018). Why diversity brings various benefits? Are Nordic and Baltic companies realizing this competitive edge?

Piia Karhu 720x540

Piia Karhu

Senior Vice President Human Resources, Finnair (Finland)

Dr. in Business Administration
Responsible for Customer Experience at Finnair and a member of Finnair Executive Board. Responsibilities include Travel services, Ancillary business and Customer experience operations and development. Desires to drive growth and excellent customer experience with great team and digital transformation. Prior to Finnair, experience in versatile business development and transformation assignments as a strategy consultant.

Anu Realo 720x540 2019

Anu Realo

Professor, University of Warwick (UK) and Tartu University (Estonia)

Anu Realo (PhD) is a professor at the University of Warwick (UK) and the University of Tartu, and a member of the Estonian Academy of Sciences. Her main research topics are personal ideals, values, social capital and subjective well-being. Anu Realo is the coordinator of World Values ​​Research in Estonia and Vice President of European Association of Personality Psychology. She has published over 120 research papers in international journals and collective works, and has edited several books in Estonian with her colleagues.

kaire tero erakogu 720x540pxl

Kaire Tero

HR manager, Rimi Eesti Food AS (Estonia)

 Kaire Tero is the HR manager for Rimi Estonia, one of the largest food store chains in Estonia. Tero has over 10 years of experience in the human resources field, half of which has been in training and development.
She likes challenges and believes that an organization is an excellent environment for personal growth.

Ahmed Abdirahman 720x540

Ahmed Abdirahman

Policy Expert on social sustainability, Stockholm Chamber of Commerce (Sweden)

Ahmed Abdirahman is social sustainability policy expert at the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce where has the task of making Stockholm more integrated. Ahmed has previously worked at the U.S. Embassy in Stockholm, and Interpeace, an international peace-building organization based in Geneva. Ahmed is founder and CEO of The Global Village Foundation which organizes among other programs, Järva Politician Week, (Järvaveckan) with the aim to reduce the distance between citizens and politicians.

Jevgeni Ossinovski 720x540

Jevgeni Ossinovski

 Politician, Member of Parliament (Estonia)

 Jevgeni Ossinovski is an Estonian politician and former leader of the Estonian Social Democratic Party. Ossinovski was the Minister of Education and Research from 2014 to 2015, and the Minister of Health and Labor from 2015 to 2018. He has recieved a Master of Science in Comparative Politics from the London School of Economics and Political Science in 2010.

Annika Arras 720x540

Annika Arras

 Moderator, CEO, Partner, Miltton New Nordics (Estonia)

 Annika Arras is Partner and Managing Director at governmental relations and corporate communications agency Miltton Nordics in Estonia, a subsidiary of Miltton Group whose core is to be the best trusted advisor for Nordic companies internationally as well as for international companies in the Nordics.
Annika is one of the most experienced political communication experts in the Europe thanks to her over a decade lasting experience as the Campaign Director of the Estonian Reform Party (until April 2015) that has won three national elections in a row.
Annika has consulted organizations in strategic communication from the Caucasus to the Nordics - incl Armenia, Georgia, Moldova, Germany, Austria, Sweden. She founded the European Women's Academy of Political Leadership in 2016 where she trains high-level female politicians to become more influential in politics.
Since establishing Miltton to Estonia Annika has participated actively in the public discussion on corporate sustainability. Miltton Nordics is a member of the Responsible Entrepreneurship Forum and has a desire to be the drivers of the responsible entrepreneurship in our society.


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Merle Kuusk


ph: +372 627 3100
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