Round-table on services for the victims and perpetrators, Tampere

Second round-table „Services for the victims and perpetrators“ was held In the end of September
2022 in Tampere, Finland. The challenges were quite similar in all countries (for example difficulties
regarding financing the services and equally accessible services for all of the victims and
perpetrators). Study visits to:

  • NGO Setlementti Tampere that provides different kind of services: Finnish 24/7 helpline
    service for the victims of violence against women and domestic violence and services for the
    victims and perpetrators of sexual violence and couselling for the victims and perpetrators of
    domestic violence. They have also honour-related violence services, Victim Support Finland
    (RIKU) helpline & services.
  • NGO Tampereen ensi- ja turvakotiyhdistys that provides shelter services. The participants
    visited the shelter, met a few clients and heard an introduction on that shelter and learned
    about the shelter services in Finland in general.

Programme and Presentations, Tampere