So what? conference

 so what conference 14.11

# The Nordics have shown that equal rights reinforce the welfare society*. So what?
# Companies with more women in management positions are more profitable**. So what?
# The working day for women in Estonia ends at 15:20. After that women work for free***. So what?
# Companies with more diverse workforces perform better financially****. So what?


A company needs to fit in with the environment in which it operates. Ideally, the head of the company will reflect social values. European society – and in particular that of the Nordic countries – is characterised by education, diversity and equality. If we want to be on a level pegging with the Nordics in terms of standard of living, we have to be open to changes in management and organisational culture.


Are Estonian managers capable of valuing diversity? Do Estonian companies consider it important to ensure that all of their employees enjoy equal opportunities? Do we realise that bringing diversity to the forefront could represent an untapped resource for a company, in terms of both getting talented people involved and getting to know the company’s target group? Will we simply wait until those who are incapable of making the most of existing potential to boost their competitive edge drop out of the race or will we wake up and learn from other people’s experience?


If we don’t talk about these things today, then when? If we don’t change anything today, then when?

Let’s talk about the benefits of diversity in management, enterprise and politics. In Estonia and elsewhere. Right now!


Speaking at the conference:
- Icelandic Minister of Social Affairs and Equality Ásmundur Einar Daðason, who will be giving an answer to if compulsion and regulation are required to bring about significant social change or whether there is another way.
- Representing Finnish entrepreneurs, Risto E.J. Penttilä will be talking about how his mother’s story inspired him as the head of the Finnish Chamber of Commerce to create a mentorship programme for female managers and how the programme panned out.
- Speaking about the importance of including people and getting them involved will be expert Sara Salmani (Miltton), while Christian Berg (Allbright Stiftung) will be talking about diversity in senior management.
- Sharing their experience will be member of the Estonian parliament Jürgen Ligi, Chair of the Global Commission on the Stability of Cyberspace Marina Kaljurand and Ida-Viru County-based industrial company Fortaco Estonia OÜ manager and honorary consul of Finland in Estonia Larissa Shabunova.

 See full programme here.

*‘The Nordic Gender Effect at Work’ report, Nordic Information on Gender 2018
**‘Unlocking Female Employment Potential in Europe’ research, IMF 2016
***Calculation made in correlation with 8-hour working day and data presented in ‘Pay Gap’ research, Statistics Estonia and Eurostat 2018
****‘Delivering through Diversity’ report, McKinsey & Company, 2018


The conference is being organised by the Estonian Office of the Nordic Council of Ministers and The Finnish Institute in Estonia.
Partners: Hanaholmen – Swedish-Finnish Cultural Centre, The Swedish-Finnish Cultural Foundation, Nordic embassies in Estonia, Icelandic embassy in Helsinki, Estonian Ministry of Social Affairs, Miltton, Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Finnish-Estonian Chamber of Commerce, the Norwegian - Estonian Chamber of Commerce, the Danish-Estonian Chamber of Commerce and the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Estonia.

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