Põhja-Balti energiakonverents 2019: kõnelejad

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Aeg: 24.-25. oktoober 2019
Koht: Nordic Forum Hotel, Tallinn
Keel: Inglise
Korraldaja: Põhjamaade Ministrite Nõukogu

* Kõnelejate nimekiri on täiendamisel

Andrejs Apanuks

Andrejs Apanuks

Director of Sustainable Energy Policy Department in the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Latvia

Andrejs Apanuks obtained his Mg.oec. in Riga Technical University in international economic relations in 2008. Professional experience includes international trade policy matters (EU Trade policy, WTO issues etc.) in the Ministry of Economic Affairs, 2005-2014, team member in Latvia’s Presidency in the Council of the European Union in 2015 with a focus on international relations in energy. August 2015-March 2018 Deputy Director of Renewable Energy Resources and Energy Efficiency Department, from March 2018 – Director of Sustainable Energy Policy Department in the Ministry of Economic Affairs.


Aad van Bohemen

Head of the Energy Policy and Security Division, International Energy Agency (IEA), France

Aad van Bohemen is Head of the Energy Policy and Security Division at the IEA since 1 September 2015 and carries responsibility for In-depth Reviews of energy policies of IEA member and partner countries, and for the emergency policies of the IEA. Between 2012 and 2015, Aad was Energy Envoy for the Minister of Economic Affairs of the Netherlands, and Manager of International Affairs of the Energy Academy Europe. From 2006 to 2012, he was head of the Emergency Policy Division of the IEA, with the responsibility of assuring the IEA and its member countries stand ready to react to severe oil and/or gas supply disruptions, and to coordinate IEA collective actions during such disruptions.
Before coming to the IEA, Aad van Bohemen held several posts in the Ministry of Economic Affairs in the Netherlands, where he worked on the liberalisation of electricity and gas markets and oil market-related issues, including international relations and oil crisis management. Aad was project manager for the 9th International Energy Forum (IEF) in Amsterdam in 2004, and he was responsible for establishing the IEF Secretariat in Riyadh, as chairman of the Executive Board. Aad holds a Master’s in Macro Economics from the Erasmus University in Rotterdam.


Dolf Gielen

Director, International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), Germany

As director of the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) Innovation and Technology Centre in Bonn since 2011, Dolf Gielen oversees the agency's work on advising member countries on energy scenarios and planning, power sector transformation, cost and markets, technology status and innovation outlooks, and project development guidelines. Before joining IRENA, Dolf Gielen worked for the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) and the International Energy Agency. He has a PhD from Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands.

Hans Jorgen Koch

Hans Jorgen Koch

CEO of the Nordic Energy Research, Norway

Hans Jørgen Koch is the CEO of the Nordic Energy Research. He is the former Director General of the Danish Ministry responsible for energy and the former IEA-Director (International Energy Agency, Paris).

Jean Vinois

Jean-Arnold Vinois

Adviser on European Energy Policy at the Jacques Delors Institute, Belgium

Mr Vinois spent most of his professional career in the European Commission. Since 1987, he has held several management posts dealing with the internal market, transport, trans-European networks and energy policies, and acted as the director for the internal market for electricity and gas. After retiring in 2013, he was appointed Honorary Director. He is now Adviser on the Energy Union at the Jacques Delors Institute in Paris and Berlin. Being also a policy adviser to the Florence School of Regulation and the Vlerick Business School, he lectures at conferences, to students, and energy professionals.

Johan Vetlesen

Johan Vetlesen

Deputy Director General at Ministry of Petroleum and Energy/ Nordic Council of Ministers Energy Committee, Norway

He is the the Deputy Director General of the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy/Nordic Council of Ministers Energy Committee. The Nordic energy ministers adopted a new programme for 2018-2021 - the single Nordic electricity market, renewable energy, energy efficiency and research are still important, also the Baltic countries. For this, Nordic energy cooperation (the Ollila-report) was strategically reviewed. New demands on good governance towards 2030 and the EU process on energy policies are discussed on many levels. The Estonian Presidency of the EU supported compromises in the council’s work on energy, resulting in new legislation.

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Markku Kinnunen

Senior adviser at Energy Market Authority, Finland

Mr Markku Kinnunen works as a Chief Counsellor at the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment of Finland. He has a long working history in the administration and before the Ministry he worked at the national Energy Authority. Markku Kinnunen’ s main task at the Ministry is the coordination of the preparation of National Energy and Climate Strategies. In this respect, the finalisation of the Integrated National Energy and Climate Plan by the end of this year is the most urgent effort in Finland.

Leonardo Zannier

Leonardo Zannier

Policy Officer at European Commission, DG Energy, Belgium

Leonardo Zannier Since 2013, Leonardo Zannier has worked as a Policy Officer in the Energy Policy Coordination Unit of the Directorate General for Energy, European Commission. He has been part of the teams in charge of the development of some of the latest EU initiatives in the energy field, in particular the "2030 Framework for Energy and Climate", the "Energy Union Strategy" and the "Clean Energy for all Europeans" Package. In the last two years, Mr. Zannier has notably coordinated the negotiations with the Council and Parliament of the Regulation on the Governance of the Energy Union.

Martin Kruus

Knut Aanstad

VP Offshore Wind Business Development, Equinor, Norway

Knut M. Aanstad is Vice President for Offshore Wind Project Origination in Equinor. Knut has extensive experience from the international oil and gas business and has since 2006 been involved in the development of all of Equinor’s offshore wind projects in Europe and the US. Knut holds a MSc in geology from the University of Oslo, Norway.

Ove Flataker

Andris Vanags

Fortum Latvia and Latvian Federation for Renewable energy, Latvia

Andris Vanags works in the Finnish energy company Fortum since 2014 and currently is the Country Manager of Fortum’s operations in Latvia. Andris Vanags is also taking active role in the Board of Latvian Federation for Renewable Energy, in the Board of Latvian District Heating Companies’ Association as well as is active in the Finnish Chamber of Commerce in Latvia and in the Latvia Wind Energy Association.
Andris Vanags has more than 20 years of experience in energy industry, project management, site supervision and energy consulting. He has taken different managerial positions in some of the largest heat energy companies in Latvia and has worked as a project manager for the construction of several large power plants and boiler plants.
Andris Vanags is holding University Degree in Engineering from Riga Technical University and has numerous certificates from professional qualification courses.

Peter Zeniewski

Ingvild Ombudstvedt

Owner/Lawyer, IOM Law, Norway

Ingvild Ombudstvedt is a Norwegian lawyer and economist and the owner of the law firm IOM Law, which was founded in Oslo in February 2017. She has a background as a lawyer in Arntzen de Besche law firm in Oslo and Senior Advisor Policy and Regulatory for the Global CCS Institute in Brussels and has broad experience with the legal aspects of CCS, CCU, CO2-EOR, and petroleum and energy, from a national, regional and international perspective. Ombudstvedt is appointed a national expert for Norway in the ISO project ISO TC265, standardizing CCS and CO2-EOR.
She is Chairperson of BASRECCS and the Norwegian CCUS Association and a Visiting Researcher at Meiji University in Tokyo.

Raul Potisepp

Bo Diczfalusy

Senior Advisor, Nordic Energy Research, Norway

Bo Diczfalusy is a Senior Adviser at Nordic Energy Research in Oslo. He has a long experience in energy policy, serving e.g. as a Director-General at the Swedish Ministry of the environment and energy and a Director at the International energy agency (IEA). His current work includes joint Nordic energy research and international cooperation on e.g. energy scenarios.

Tomas Lukosevicius

Marek Strandberg

Expert and consultant on energy and climate at Energy Agency of City of Tallinn, Estonia

Independent Clean Energy & Technology Consultant providing expert advice to the city of Tallinn. He is the former Chairman of the Board of the Estonian Fund for Nature. Founding member of the Estonian Wildlife Center and Green Party of Estonia. Materials Scientist, Engineer, Entrepreneur, Inventor in the fields of ecological and defense technologies, Educator and Publicist, Radio Host and Editor. Member of the Riigikogu, the Estonian Parliament, from 2007 to 2011.

Marek Strandberg will be presenting a decarbonisation plan for energy sector. The presentation is made together with Katrin Idla, a chemist, materials scientist and inventor in the fields of materials and defense technologies.

Leonardo Zannier

Erki Savisaar

Member of Parliament, politician, Estonia

Mr Erki Savisaar is a member of the 14th Parliament of the Republic of Estonia representing Estonian Centre Party. He is the Chair of the Environment Committee of the Parliament of Estonia and Vice Chair of the Natural Resources and Environment Committee of the Baltic Assembly.

Martin Kruus

Berit Tennbakk

Partner at THEMA Consulting Group, Norway

Berit Tennbakk holds a PhD in economics and has 25 years of experience from the energy market. Early in her career she participated in the project that laid the foundation for the deregulation of the Norwegian power market in 1991. Since then, she has worked with a vast array of electricity and energy market issues, spanning from grid tariffs, via market design and regulation to market analysis and long-term scenarios. She has led projects for authorities, interest organization, energy companies and system operators in the Nordic countries and Europe, including the EU Commission, and had a number of management positions in her career.

Ove Flataker

Atis Lejinš

Chairman of the Economics, Energy and Innovation Committee of the Baltic Assembly, Member of the Parliament of the Republic of Latvia, Latvia

Mr Atis Lejiņš is a member of the 13th Parliament of the Republic of Latvia representing the „New Unity” Parliamentary Group. He is a Member of the Economic, Agricultural, Environmental and Regional Policy Committee of the Parliament of Latvia and Chair of the Economics, Energy and Innovation Committee of the Baltic Assembly.

Peter Zeniewski

Ansis Zbanovs

Senior electrical Engineer, AS "Augstsprieguma tīkls (AST), Latvia

Ansis Žbanovs is a Senior Electrical Engineer from Latvian Transmission System Operator AS "Augstsprieguma tikls". He has been in business almost 10 years and he has worked on the common electricity market platform integration in Latvian market area and whole Baltic States. Together with market issues he has assessed Latvian power system adequacy in short-term, mid-term and long-term. He is a member of Regional Group Baltic Sea under ENTSO-E System Development Committee and has contributed a preparation of all Pan-European Ten Year Network Development Plans since 2010.

Raul Potisepp

Risto Kuusi

Expert at Fingrid, TSO Finland

Risto Kuusi is an expert in the field of energy at Fingrid Oyj. Kuusis´s job consists of various tasks, including power market modeling in Northwestern Europe and Russia, grid investment analysis, system adequacy analysis, scenario analysis and long-term projections, including methodological development in the items mentioned. A prominent share of the work is done in international level.
Kuusi holds a Master of Science in Energy Economics from Aalto Univeristy.

Peter Zeniewski

Martin Collignon

Member at the Danish Youth Climate Council and COO of ElectricityMap

With a past at Google & Uber, Martin Collignon is now COO at a startup focused on climate change and a member at the Danish Youth Climate Council under the Danish Ministry of Climate.