Nordic-Baltic migration conference to focus on changes in migration policy and labour market integration of migrants

Friday, 16 February 2018
Nordic-Baltic migration conference 2017 Nordic-Baltic migration conference 2017 Photo: Terje Lepp/

The Nordic-Baltic migration conference being held at Kumu on 22 March, the sixth in the series, will once again look at migration-related developments in our region. Should any of the Nordic countries or Baltic States adjust their migration policies at this point in time, and if so, how? How can we contribute to the smooth integration of both new immigrants and refugees into the local labour market? These are the main questions to which answers will be sought at the conference by experts from Estonia and the Nordic countries.

The aim of the conference is to debate the impact of migration in the Nordic countries and Baltic States, and in Europe generally, in the form of knowledge-based discussion relying on research and experience. The topics examined will include changes in migration policy and methods for the integration of new immigrants in Estonia and the Nordic countries in a situation where both society and the labour market need new workers. The participants will be sharing their experiences in terms of integration-related challenges and how they can be resolved.

In the first of the keynote presentations at the conference Professor Raul Eamets from the University of Tartu will be discussing the potential for smart migration policy. In the second keynote presentation, Uppsala University professor Olof Åslund, who is the Director General of Sweden’s Institute for Labour Market Policy Evaluation, will be talking about his country’s experiences of unemployed migrants entering the labour market. The conference will end with a discussion of possible changes to migration policies involving, among others, Estonian MPs Maris Lauri and Helir-Valdor Seeder, Estonian Minister of Economic Affairs and Infrastructure Kadri Simson and the Minister of the Interior Andres Anvelt.

The conference sessions will look at changes in the migration and integration policies of the Nordic countries and Baltic States, the reining-in of illegal employment through integration and the kind of indicators with which it is possible to measure integration and its effectiveness. Among those contributing to the discussions will be Ruth Annus (head of the Citizenship and Migration Policy Department of the Estonian Ministry of the Interior), Piret Hartman (Undersecretary for Cultural Diversity with the Estonian Ministry of Culture), Hjördís Rut Sigurjónsdóttir (researcher with Nordregio), Henrik Emilsson (researcher with the Institute for Studies of Migration, Diversity and Welfare at Malmö University), Professor Matti Sarvimäki (Finnish Institute for Economic Research), Professor Martin Ehala (University of Tartu), Christiane Kuptsch (Senior Specialist in Migration Policy with the International Labour Organisation) and Jonathan Chaloff (Senior Specialist in Migration Policy in the International Migration Division of the Directorate for Employment, Labour and Social Affairs at the OECD).

Registration for the conference is open until 15 March or until all places are taken.

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The conference will be streamed online at Postimees.

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