Telia Cyber Battle of Nordic-Baltics 2023

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Telia Cyber Battle of Nordic-Baltics 2023 is held on  November 11, 2023 in cooperation with CTF Tech and Telia. This competition formulates the biggest students’ ethical hacking event in Nordic-Baltic region which aims to raise awareness of young people and educational institutions on cyber security. Its goal is to teach cyber security fundamentals in a practical, realistic, and ethical manner in order to improve the cyber security skills in the region and thus make it more stable and secure.

This year you can prepare yourself for this battle with self-study! During this summer we will give you several tasks to boost your cyber knowledge in order to succeed in the final battle. 

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The event is aimed at young people who are interested in the cyber world but have no previous exposure or experience in the field.

Teams from all Nordic-Baltic countries are WELCOMED to take part in this year's event. Requirements for teams:
- 3-5 members;
- age of 15-24;
- interest to learn cyber in a practical way;
- no prior experiences needed.

During September 22-24 a virtual bootcamp (training course) by cyber experts will take place to prepare all the youngsters for the battle.
This training course is open for participation:
- individually
- in teams of 3-5 members.

The best individual participants will form a team (or teams) to participate in the final event.

Knowledge of English is crucial to be successful, not only in the Cyber Battle of Nordic-Baltics, but also in the cyber world in general.

This year there is also an opportunity to participate with “girls only” team. They have same tasks, but compete against other “girls only” teams.

Deadline to register your teams: 20 September 2023.

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During the two-day cyber course, our cybersecurity experts will provide you with the basic knowledge and skills to work in the cyber world using a fun learning environment.

You will acquire basic knowledge on the following topics: Linux Basics, Port Scanning, DNS (Name Server) and Web Server Listing, Brute-Forcing, Metasploit, Cyber Security and Cyber Wisdom, Steganography, Cryptography, Web Vulnerabilities, Security Vulnerabilities. And last, but not least you will gain an insight into the minds of hackers.


• Virtual bootcamp by cyber experts for Nordic-Baltic teams: 22-24 September, both days from 11am till 3.30pm (Estonian time). Bootcamps are followed by the self learning materials. The best team from each country will be selected by the end of September 2023.
• Final competition for the best teams takes place on November 11 in Tartu, Estonia.

Nordic Council of Ministers Office in Estonia is covering the travelling expenses for the best teams to participate at the grand final.

Watch the recap from the last year's competition:

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