Cybercation – Nordic-Baltic Educators’ Forum 2023

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Cybercation – Nordic-Baltic Educators’ Forum is a side event of the Cyber Battle of Nordic-Baltic 2023 (CBoNB) taking place on 11 November in Tartu, Estonia. The forum is organised by the Nordic Council of Ministers' office in Estonia and CTF Tech.

Cybercation – Nordic-Baltic Educators’ Forum is organized exclusively for educators, IT teachers, representatives of educational organizations, youth specialists, IT/cyber education enthusiasts, civil servants, policy makers, and businesses, this event is set to revolutionize how we approach cybersecurity education with the aim of providing the cybersecurity experts that our societies are highly in need of.

The programme of Cybercation 2023

Watch the presentations from Cybercation 2023:

Opening words from the moderator Anett Numa (Accelerate Estonia)

Opening and welcome: Maria Gratschew, Director of the Nordic Council of Ministers office in Estonia

David Olgart, Director of Cybercampus Sweden (Sweden): “Cybercampus and its role in Swedish cybersecurity"

Lauri Tankler, Head of R&D Coordination, head of NCC-EE, Information System Authority (Estonia): “Cybersecurity in Estonia 2023: Trends and Challenges”

Mihkel Tikk, Deputy Commander at Estonian Defence Forces Cyber Command (Estonia): "Developing and retaining cyber talent in Estonian Cyber Command"

Peer Kristensen, Director for the Security Tech Space (Denmark), "Breaking down the silos and building up the Nordic-Baltic Educators Think Tank"

Iiris Tuvi, University of Tartu (Estonia): “CyberTygers: factors that motivate women to be engaged in cybersecurity”

Panel: Gamification in Cybersecurity: Examples and Challenges in gamified hacking

Moderator: Anett Numa


Bodil Ellen Grødem, Teacher of Basic Cyber and Information Security (Norway)
Kriset Lisette Margareth Laiuste, Student at Tartu Tamme Gymnasium (Estonia)
Pilleriin Sillakivi, Student at Tartu Tamme Gymnasium (Estonia)
Catlyn Kirna, Cyber Security Consultant, CGI Estonia (Estonia)
Rūta Pirta-Dreimane, Senior Researcher, Riga Technical University (Latvia)

Mario Mäeots, Digital Content Developer and Trainer, CTF-Tech (Estonia): “Live demonstration of a CTF portal, showcasing its features and capabilities”

Photos from the forum:


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Watch the full event:


Organizer: Grete Kodi

Communication:  Kertu Kärk

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