Nordic co-operation on digitalisation


Together, the Nordic and Baltic countries will be the most integrated region in the world. This vision is a guiding principle of the council of ministers’ activities.

The Nordic Council of Ministers for Digitalisation has several objectives: a digital single market in the Nordic and Baltic countries, deepened digital collaboration, and the development of a cohesive digital infrastructure for the region’s citizens, businesses, and administrations.

The Nordic and Baltic countries are among the most digitalised and innovative in the world, but in order to realise the full potential of this, the region must be further integrated and innovation promoted. MR-DIGITAL is developing multinational solutions to the problems experienced by citizens and companies in all member states, as well as promoting innovative technologies and helping entrepreneurs to develop new services for individuals and businesses throughout the region. All this will put the conditions in place for realising the region’s potential.

The Nordic Council of Ministers for Digitalisation (MR-DIGITAL) consists of ministers and representatives from the Nordic and Baltic countries and works to promote digitalisation in and between the countries in the region. The creation of a digital single market in the Nordic and Baltic countries and the promotion of innovative digital solutions are two priority areas.

Digitalisation is a cross-sectoral area spanning a number of Nordic co-operation’s councils of ministers. Digitalisation efforts are based on a ministerial declaration made at the Digital North conference in Oslo on 25 April 2017.

To promote digitalisation efforts and co-ordinate the follow-up of the declaration’s objectives, an ad-hoc council of ministers for digitalisation (MR-DIGITAL) was established for the period 2017 to 2020 as a means to organise ministers and representatives from the Nordic countries and Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. Through this council of ministers, digitalisation-related issues are pursued with the objective of promoting development in three areas:

  • Cross-border digital services
  • Digital innovation aimed at companies
  • Implementation of the EU digital single market

To promote these areas, MR-DIGITAL and the member states are initiating a number of projects, each one run by a single country, but co-ordinated and managed jointly through the organisation of MR-DIGITAL.