Sustainable development and use of resources

Sigurður Ólafsson/ Sigurður Ólafsson/ Sigurður Ólafsson/

The governments of the Nordic countries have set themselves an ambitious goal – to turn the region into Europe's testing ground for clean energy and environmental technology. This includes adapting to climate change and limiting its effects; renewable energy; accelerating green economic growth; more sustainable organisation of traffic and movement of people; ensuring biological diversity; the green production cycle; and re-use of resources.

Politicians, experts and officials from the Nordic countries and Estonia are working together to determine shared goals in the fields of the environment, the climate and energy, primarily through meetings and conferences, but also through joint studies and analysis.

Undertakings in this field are expensive and their impact is far-reaching, which means that coordination and cooperation are vital – whether they take the form of environmental investments, support schemes for renewable energy or stimulation of the green economy. We support agencies and institutions working on climate, environment and energy issues in the Nordic countries and Baltic States as partners in such undertakings.

In 2011, when we marked our 20th anniversary in Estonia, we launched the Rohevik green growth forum, which focusses to the future – one that will be built on a sustainable and environmentally friendly way of life. We also introduce the Nordic eco-label.

We try to manage our everyday work at the office as sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible. We have adopted an environmental policy for the office in order to do that.