Cooperation within the framework of the NB8 and Baltic Sea Strategy

Karin Beate Nøsterud/ Karin Beate Nøsterud/ Karin Beate Nøsterud/

The Baltic Sea unites the Nordic countries and the Baltic States (referred to as the NB8) as a single geographical region. But through joint efforts, the region should become an even more attractive place in a globalising world for companies, financiers and researchers – and a better place to live for everyone. It should also be a place where the impact of human activity on the environment is taken into consideration.

The governments of the Nordic countries have been harmonising their policies and actions through the Nordic Council of Ministers since 1971, while cooperation with the Baltic States has been pursued through its Tallinn, Rīga and Vilnius offices since 1991.

The Nordic countries, the Baltic States and the other countries on the Baltic Sea support the European Union's Baltic Sea Strategy and the key areas it focuses on:

In order for a more unified region to rise up around the Baltic Sea, we work closely with experts from Estonian departments and others in their fields, get them together with their colleagues from the Nordic countries and help to produce synergy.

Find out more about the Nordic countries' cooperation on freedom of movement.


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