Stavanger in Norway European City of Culture 2008

Friday, 01 October 2010

The Norwegian city of Stavanger will be filled with festive and cultural activities on Saturday 12 January during the opening ceremony of Stavanger as European of Culture. Throughout the rest of 2008 all kinds of cultural activities will be organized in Stavanger and surroundings City

The last time a Nordic city was European City of Culture was in 1998 when Stockholm was honoured with the EU title. Copenhagen was city of culture in 1994. The next city will be Tallinn and Finnish Turku in 2011.

The EU has chosen cultural capitals since 1984. The idea behind the scheme is that culture can be a driving force for civilized urban development. In conjunction with the city of culture, the Nordic Council will hold its joint meetings in Stavanger on 14-15 April.

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