Cultural support based on needs and demand extended to 2014

Friday, 21 October 2011

Nordic-Baltic Mobility Programme for Culture"This is a truly unique programme, systematically supporting the rise and development of partnership networks and expanding across the continent," said Riitta Heinamaa, the director of the Finnish Institute in Estonia, describing the Nordic-Baltic Mobility Programme for Culture at a cultural forum held in Helsinki in September.

The programme was launched in early 2009, initially for the period of 2009-2011. Those charged with the task of assessing it in 2010 declared that it was working very effectively and had more than proven its worth among its users. As such, the ministers of culture of the Nordic countries and Baltic States decided in April this year to extend the term of the programme for a further three years - until 2014. The aim is to continue to promote communication between creative people and to showcase their work within Nordic and Baltic cultural space.

"Culture has always had a central place in cooperation between the Nordic countries," said Finnish Minister for Culture and Education Paavo Arhinmäki in his opening address at the forum. The mobility programme was discussed at the event on the basis of the experience gained from the last three years of culture-based partnerships and exchanges.

Future developments in art and culture were also debated, with discussions held on the kind of mobility that people need and are seeking. Today, with mobility increasing exponentially, there is every reason to talk about the damaging effect it has on the environment, but the solution here cannot be communication solely via modern means of technology when creative people overwhelmingly prefer to meet in real time, face to face, so as to learn from one another and work together.

Martina Marti, president of On The Move, outlined the ideas behind 'green mobility' in relation to the movement of people involved in the creative arts around Europe.

To date, 27% of the total three-year budget of the programme has been spent covering travel costs; 50% of it has been used in support of partnership networks, and the remaining 23% has been allocated to creative residencies. 33% of applications have come from the Baltic States and 67% from the Nordic countries.

The total amount able to be allocated from 2012-2014 is 4.6 million euros. The frequency of application rounds will be familiar to those involved from previous years: applications can be submitted for travel support four times per year; those for short-term cooperation projects can be lodged twice a year; and those for longer-term projects once a year. There will also be two rounds of creative residency support over the next three years.

The allocations themselves are being renewed in a number of ways, with this primarily affecting travel grants. From 2012 creative groups of up to six people will be able to apply for such support in addition to individual applicants, with trips lasting up to 10 days.

The final round of applications for travel support in 2011 ends on 2 November.

Wishing you all a wealth of good ideas, expanded horizons and creative realisation,

Eha Vain
Cultural adviser
Telephone: +372 627 3104
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