Time Event title Location Contact
11.06.2009 - 12.06.2009 Public service media confronts new media behaviour Estonia Triin Oppi
14.06.2009 - 21.06.2009 University of Tartu Viljandi Culture Academy students visit Pskov and Novgorod Universities Russia Triin Oppi
15.06.2009 - 17.06.2009 International Higher Education Cross-Border Cooperation in the Eastern Baltic Sea Region Estonia Triin Oppi
28.06.2009 - 16.08.2009 Lembit Sarapuu’s exhibition in Åland Finland Triin Oppi
30.06.2009 Introduction of the Nordic-Baltic cooperation subsidies Estonia Triin Oppi
02.07.2009 Presentation of “Culture Management in Iceland” teaching material Estonia Triin Oppi
07.07.2009 - 19.07.2009 Design exhibition INDEX:AWARD EXHIBITION 2007: winners on tour KUMU artmuseum Triin Oppi
19.07.2009 SOV 100 years – Swedish Day Estonia Triin Oppi
24.07.2009 - 02.08.2009 “Creativity and economic growth in Tallinn, Helsinki and Riga” seminars Triin Oppi
01.09.2009 Application deadline for Nordic Culture Fund's subsidies Denmark Triin Oppi
03.09.2009 Application deadline for the Art and Culture Programme Finland Triin Oppi
08.09.2009 - 09.09.2009 Nordic Climate Solutions 2009 – Northern Europe's meeting place on energy, transport, and the business of climate change Denmark Triin Oppi
11.09.2009 - 12.09.2009 Nordic Culture Forum: The Creative Economy in Northern Europe Finland Triin Oppi
15.09.2009 Energy saving experiment. Smart energy solutions at home Madis Tilga
16.09.2009 The Challenges of the Health Education in the Baltic Sea Region Estonia Triin Oppi
18.09.2009 User-centred innovation in the sports industry – experiences and practice Norway Triin Oppi
23.09.2009 - 24.09.2009 Energy-Climate-Technology 2009: Solving the energy and climate challenges: Is there a path ahead? Norway Triin Oppi
23.09.2009 - 25.09.2009 Better food at work - the Nordic and Baltic experience Estonia Triin Oppi
28.09.2009 - 29.09.2009 Cross-border cooperation conference in St Petersburg Petersburg Triin Oppi
05.10.2009 - 06.10.2009 Baltic Development Forum - Summit 2009 Sweden Triin Oppi

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