Ten research projects shape the future of Nordic climate policy

Monday, 07 June 2010

IceExperts from outside of the Nordic region have approved ten research projects investing in climate change in the framework of the Nordic Top-Level Research Initiative. The projects, which focus on how we can best adapt to climate change in the future, will be funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers.

"The applications all had good combinations of expertise, and the networks that will be financed all live up to the Top-Level Research Initiative's intentions," said Mogens Henze, chairman of the Programme Committee. He predicts that it will have a significant impact on the development of Nordic research collaboration in the coming years.

"We encouraged applicants to include participants from industry, policy makers and social figures in the networks where relevant, and we have seen that this was emphasised in many of the applications," explained Simone Heinz, Programme Secretary. "During the programme period we will work to enhance connections with relevant stakeholders, through conferences and other activities."

The prime ministers of the Nordic countries launched the Top-Level Research Initiative in 2007 in order to prevent pollution and global warming and become independent of non-renewable energy sources. It is the biggest common research and innovation programme in the Nordic countries and consists of six sub-programmes:

- effect studies and adapting to climate change
- interaction between climate change and the cryosphere
- energy efficiency with nanotechnology
- integration of large-scale wind power
- sustainable biofuels
- capturing and storing CO2

The Nordic Council of Ministers will be allocating a total of DKK 400 million to the research programme over five years.

The ten projects approved in January are being funded within the first round of the sub-programme "Effect studies and adapting to climate change":

- Climate and Biodiversity - University of Aarhus, Denmark
- NORDic CLimate change ADaptation research Network (NORDCLAD-Net) - Stockholm Environment institute (SEI), Sweden
- Nordic Network on Adaptive Management in relation to climate change (NONAM) - Finish Meteorological Institute, Finland
- Nordic Climate Mitigation, Adaptation and Economic Policies (N-CMAEP): establishing an interdisciplinary strategic approach for addressing solutions to the changing climate - University of Aarhus, Denmark
- Nordic Network for Climate Change, Adaptation, and Multilevel Governance (NORCAM) - CICERO Center for International Climate and Environmental Research, Norway
- Coastal Adaptation and Climate Change - DHI, Denmark
- People and ecosystems in a changing environment - University of Oulu, Finland
- Nordic Waterbirds and Climate Network(NOWAC) - University of Aarhus, Denmark
- Interdisciplinary research: theories and applications in urban climate change adaptation - Oslo University Collage, Norway
- Statistical Approaches to Regional Climate Models for Adaptation - Norwegian Computing Centre, Norway

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