Creative Entrepreneurship Academy searched for next level of innovation in public e-services (a video)

Tuesday, 05 September 2017
Creative Entrepreneurship Academy 2017 Creative Entrepreneurship Academy 2017 Patrik Tamm/

The Nordic-Baltic region strives to be the digital frontrunner – also in e-Governance and e-services.

How to bring on the next level of innovation in eGovernance? What are the core problems in the age of data? How to implement control over your personal data? Should (and if yes, how) we change the current governance model, in order to keep up with the rapid changes of the digital age? What is MyData or human centric data concept? What has Helsinki done in the field of open data to improve the production of e-services - which has also enhanced transparency in city governance? How to build up a successful e-service or e-product company?

Creative Entrepreneurship Academy 2017 (May 19-25, Tallinn) brought together the best Nordic-Baltic experts to tackle these issues of eGovernance and e-services important both today and tomorrow. Take a glimpse at CEA aftermovie - Marco Steinberg (Finland), Andres Kütt (Estonia), Markko Karu (Estonia), Tanja Lahti (Finland), Antti Poikola (Finland) and Juko-Mart Kõlar (Estonia) voice their opinions.


CEA is a format developed by the Nordic Council of Ministers´office in Estonia in cooperation with Estonian and Nordic partners. CEA 2017 consisted of seminar, hackathon (in cooperation Garage48), boot camp and pitching for investors (in cooperation with Latitude59).

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