New mobility programmes earn promising reception

Monday, 04 October 2010

Creative people and public servants have taken most enthusiastically to the perks offered by Nordic-Baltic mobility programmes. The entrepreneurial sphere has been somewhat more reserved.

In accordance with an agreement between the Nordic Council of Ministers and the governments of the Baltic States, residents of the Nordic and Baltic countries can apply on an equal basis for support from culture, business and industry, and public administration mobility programmes launched for the first time. The initial deadlines for applications for the jointly funded programmes passed in April and May.

12 applications were received from Estonia for the public administration mobility programme (out of a total of 36), and Estonia itself was invited to become a partner in four further projects. The figures for Latvia were the same. Fewer applications were received from the Nordic countries, with the most coming from Denmark. The programme supports professional study trips, networks and exchanges.

Four applicants from Estonia sought further development, education and contacts through the business and industry mobility programme. A total of 36 applications were received from the Nordic and Baltic countries.
The results of the April application rounds of the public administration and business and industry mobility programmes should be known by the end of June.

16 applications were received for the culture mobility programme by the time the initial deadline passed, five of which were approved. The later round of travel support drew applications from 41 people in Estonia, and there were a further 19 applicants for support for projects. The results here will be known by early July.
The programme supports the mobility, projects, partnership networks and residencies of creative people.
More detailed information about the mobility programmes is available on our website.

The Nordic Council of Ministers' Office in Estonia is a Year of Innovation partner.

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