Nordic taste sensations showcased for Estonian viewers

Friday, 21 October 2011

New Nordic FoodThe series Perfect Day (Norway, 2009) provides a memorable overview of Nordic cuisine. The best chefs from Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland invite the audience to special places in the countries to experience new taste sensations, sharing aspects of local history, traditions, unique ingredients and the art of cooking. The dishes they make are created outdoors against some very picturesque backdrops.

The first episode in the series, which debuted on ETV at 11:40 on 9 October, saw beloved Swedish TV chef and cookbook author Tina Nordström take viewers to a Norwegian glacier, where she prepared a refreshing apple sorbet and drink. Then, in the Lofoten archipelago, she made a soup which would help anyone survive in the region's harsh conditions. The episode also showcased Salmon farming and the local Viking museum.

The series comprises 11 episodes. Through them, true taste sensations from the Nordic countries will reach Estonian viewers at 11:40 each Sunday on ETV, with repeats on Monday afternoons.

These memorable excursions into the world of Nordic cuisine are led by:

- Claus Meyer (Denmark);
- Andreas Viestad (Norway);
- Tina Nordström (Sweden); and
- Sara La Fountain (Finland).

All of them are highly-rated experts on the art of cooking from the world of Nordic gastronomy. Meyer is also the man behind Noma in Copenhagen, which has won the title of World's Best Restaurant for two years running.

The broadcast of the series on ETV is being supported by the Nordic Council of Ministers' Office in Estonia, which has been showcasing Nordic food culture as part of the New Nordic Food programme since 2008.

The New Nordic Food programme is overseen in the NCM office in Estonia by adviser Grete Kodi.


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