Narva office of Nordic Council of Ministers to throw housewarming party and organise branding-themed seminar

Wednesday, 08 May 2019

In March 2019 the Narva office of the Nordic Council of Ministers moved into rooms in the Vaba Lava theatre centre. In connection with the opening of the new office and the expansion of its activities, we are inviting everyone interested to attend a seminar entitled ‘Branding Narva: Step no. ...’, which will start at 18:00 on Tuesday 14 May in the main hall of Vaba Lava.

“Narva is a city with a fascinating past and a unique geographical position,” said Christer Haglund, the director of the Nordic Council of Ministers’ Office in Estonia. “There’s a world of its own here, one which has preserved everything that makes it authentic, but one which absorbs all of the latest trends from around the world, too. That’s why we’ve been operating in the region for the last four years and why we’re building bridges of cooperation between Narva and Scandinavia.”

In the course of its more than 800-year history, Narva has stood out for the many key events that have occurred here, and is well-known even beyond Estonia’s borders. Nevertheless, neither residents of nor visitors to the city have a clear understanding of Narva’s brand – what makes the place unique for tourists or for the people who live here.

“Branding a city makes it attractive to investors and tourists, as well as to its resident population,” said Jevgeni Timoštšuk, the programme coordinator with the Narva office of the Nordic Council of Ministers. “It also gives infrastructure development a boost and improves the standard of living. In creating a brand for a city the most important thing is to get the people who live there involved, which is why we’re hoping for a good turnout at the seminar. This isn’t the first time we’ve talked about Narva’s brand, of course, but since we still haven’t come up with a magic word or perfect slogan we all agree on, it’s time we got together again to thrash it out till we do.”

The guest speaker at the seminar will be Pertti Lintunen, the former mayor of the Finnish city of Imatra, who moulded his city’s brand for 11 years. The seminar will be conducted in English with simultaneous interpreting into Russian. Attendance is free of charge.

The Narva office of the Nordic Council of Ministers began operating in the city in cooperation with the Russian-language television channel ETV+ in 2015. For more information on our operations and activities, see

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