Saving energy"I brought home this dimmer thing, which you have to connect to the side of the light, and then you can use whatever bulb you want – filament, fluorescent or halogen," explains Heidit Kaio, whose experiences in trying to save on energy with her family can be followed at "At the light shop they told me it’d be simple to connect. I get where they were coming from – they wanted rid of me ASAP, because pigs will fly before a woman understands anything about electrical stuff. And they’re right."

"Wend’s putting off connecting it up – he claims that kind of thing’s not really his forte," says Kaio, referring to her partner Priit Kuusk. "We’ll see."

Wenna and Heidit Kaio, and Saale and Tõnu Randaru, who began their energy-saving experiment two months ago, have reached the point of making the first major changes in the way they live. Savings are anything but easy to make for people starting from scratch – particularly when coping with the demands of family life at the same time. There is a lot to learn, and a lot of surprises.

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