"In Greenland the seasons vary because it is like a huge iceberg" says Toomas Lapp, Lecturer of Scandinavistics at Tartu University. The iceberg sways on the surface of water and while rocking from one side to another, different sides of Greenland are closer to the sun.

Toomas Lapp and Eva Mätzler tried to capture the colour, culture and soul of this huge iceberg-like island in photos. During their travels to Nuuk in Western Greenland as well as to Tasiilaqq and Ittoqqortootmiit in Eastern Greenland, they captured magical moments of nature and the people of the island.

Everyone is welcome to look at the photo exhibition in the foyer of our Tallinn office, Lai 29. The exhibition consists of 16 pictures (40cm x 55 cm, 40 x 70 cm, 40 x 85 cm & 40 x 90 cm). The photos are wall hung on 10 mm laminated plates.

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