Seija LukkalaSeija Lukkala, who for decades has turned old military uniforms, advertisement flags, hospital clothes and the like into highly valued clothes, bags, footwear, jewellery, etc., admitted in her presentation at the Tallinn Fashion Week that the most complicated task has been the creation of a recognised brand. She succeeded with Globe Hope.

In order to create a brand, the product, production process and service must be backed up by a strong concept. The concept of Globe Hope is based on high quality, aesthetics, ethics and environmental friendliness. "In the fashion business there is constant and unending pressure to come out with new designs and materials which will be quickly cast aside as outdated. But at the same time we are running out of natural resources," explained Lukkala, one of the founders of Globe Hope.

The road to recognition and popularity of this company giving a new life to recycled materials has been riddled with problems. The marketing strategy has been radically changed several times and Globe Hope opened its own shop only eight years after its foundation. Investors have been very patient: the company has earned profit only in the last two years. But it has been worth it!

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